All types of asset verification audits completed by VAS are available to our clients through the ‘SMART’ reporting dashboard; the driving force to combat risk. Audit results are detailed as overviews including bespoke audit scores and trending, and includes full unit details, summary of audit checks all additional information collected during the audit process.

The latest upgrade, taking the investment to £1M, has improved the navigational functions to allow the user to locate and review reports, drill down into specific audits as well as the creation of workflows during the post audit process. This enables the funders to track and verify assets more easily as well as providing real-time insight.

SMART 3 has been designed, developed and maintained by the VAS in-house IT Team. Using the feedback from clients; the system retains all of the previous features whilst improving the usability.  The SMART application is highly configurable, allowing for bespoke audit solutions to be designed for the specific requirements of each and every funder.

Man with Holographic Technology

Our powerful hub drives efficiencies through the audit process and beyond:

Accurate Real Time Data

Get granular data in real-time. Go deeper into analysing the data to keep track of risk within your funded asset portfolio with configurable reports.

In-Depth Analysis

See real-time analysis through the visualisation of data by allowing the user to create and analyse visually insightful bespoke reports and dashboards. Gain business intelligence with data models that identify behavioural patterns that create alerts when parameters are exceeded.  All data from  previous versions of SMART are retained within the new system which enables trend reporting to help identify potential risk patterns.

Immediate action

Identify dealers to focus on and alert them with targeted messages or request immediate additional auditing. Quickly identify performance and root cause issues in order to minimise risk.  

No other system has the functionality, flexibility or in depth analysis that SMART 3 offers.

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