In the current climate and with increasing restrictions on businesses and the movement of people, it is imperative that we continue to assist our clients with the management and mitigation of risk.

On Friday 20th March we will launch our plug & play version of the Dealer Self Audit application which can be immediately implemented across motor, agricultural and construction dealerships.

At VAS we have been watching the news closely and listening to the Government’s advice, and we’ve responded by taking action to make sure that our Business Continuity Plan is robust and that we deliver a co-ordinated response to ensure minimal disruption to our operations and our clients.

We pride ourselves on our capacity and adaptability to proactively support our clients during challenging times and our priority remains to deliver our full range of services including our independent physical stock audits where appropriate, whilst observing the latest health and safety requirements.

We believe that the plug & play version of the application will help in safeguarding our clients’ interests in mitigating against risk whilst minimising physical movement and contact.