Throughout the coronavirus pandemic we have been working hard to uphold the commitments we made in supporting our clients during these challenging times, whilst being very focused on protecting the health and safety of our workforce and the dealers they are auditing.

The pandemic has led to an increased requirement of the digital audit services that we provide, the Dealer Self Audit (DSA) and the Dealer Management System Audit (DMS). However onsite Physical Stock Audits remain vital, where possible, in these unprecedented circumstances to protect our clients assets and mitigate risks.

With the UK and much of Europe currently in lockdown, dealerships have been forced to close, and some could be facing an uncertain future.

With over 140 auditors throughout the UK, Ireland and Europe, VAS is well positioned to provide Physical Stock Audits for Captive and Independent funders.

The majority of funders operate a risk grading across their dealer customer base and keep a running ‘watch list’ of higher concern or ‘distressed’ dealers. Higher risk dealers tend to have a more frequent audit cycle and may also require ad-hoc or emergency audits at a moment’s notice.

Last month we were asked by our client to conduct such an audit on a dealership flagged with immediate concern.

Due to our capacity and coverage VAS was able to provide an auditor on site within just 15 minutes of the request to conduct an audit and deliver the results through the SMART dashboard for the client to review.

Fiona Woodhouse, Wholesale Risk Manager at Santander Consumer (UK) plc commented

“A superb service. Thank you.”

Despite the uncertainty we are all facing across the UK, our business operations are resilient. Our colleagues across VAS are doing everything they can to carry on serving our clients, helping them to mitigate risk, whilst ensuring our colleagues on site are provided with a safe environment by applying strict health and safety protocols that comply with the latest Government rules and funder and dealer policies.

By delivering a fast and professional service, we can often prevent situations from deteriorating by verifying the existence of the clients assets and reducing the risk of losses.