We supply specialist motor trade audit related services including Fleet & Sub Hire, Franchise Dealership and Promotional Support Audits

Specialist Audit Services

Fleet & Sub Hire Audits

For Fleet, Rental and Commercial Operator funders using sub hire arrangement contracts, we conduct regular audits of vehicle documentation to ensure that the Operator is running the facility to the correct standards, and through utilisation analysis ensures that the Operator has a viable business.

Franchise Dealership Audits

Dealer compliance of franchise standards is of critical importance to vehicle manufacturers.  Using our bespoke application, we conduct Franchise Compliance Audits ensuring that sites, stock and facilities are in accordance with manufacture guidelines.

Promotional Support Audits

For vehicle manufacturers we review large fleet purchases, ensuring that their customers are eligible to receive discounts and manufacturer contributions are passed to the end user by the dealer.

Why Choose Us

  • Full Coverage – We conduct specialist audits across the entire UK, Ireland and Mainland Europe
  • Technology – We capture all audit data digitally, allowing for customisable management information and trending
  • Flexibility – Through our experienced team we can absorb any specialist requirement
  • Specialist Knowledge – Our auditors are industry professionals and are dedicated to our specialist audit services